City of Chilliwack

Ken Popove – Mayor, City of Chilliwack

As a city councilor, and now as the Mayor of Chilliwack, I have been approving many projects for [them], both individually and as a group. They have worked hard to be professional, respectful, and community-minded. They hold a great reputation with our city staff and we appreciate their desire to work with us as a team.

Precision Building Design Associates

Chuck Stam – Managing Partner, Precision Building Design Associates Ltd.

…in my former capacity as a City Councilor with the City of Chilliwack, I have observed the various partners in action in various capacities, and have always been impressed and inspired by their natural instinct and calm human approach to working with the public. I assess character in the way a person treats co-workers, trades, and employees, and [they] receive full marks for graciousness and the fair manner in which they treat others.

Canex Building Supplies

Bruce van den Brink, CPA – President, Canex Building Supplies

…they have always been honest and trustworthy in all of our dealings with this group of individuals…Their main priorities have been to build a good long-term reputation that allows them to be builders and developers in our community for many years.

Keystone Architecture and Planning

Lukas Wykpis – Project Director, Principal, Architectural Technologist AIBC – Keystone Architecture & Planning

[They] are very passionate about and dedicated to developing projects of lasting value, and achieving successful end results not only for their investors, but for the end user and ultimately, the community. They work collaboratively, respectfully, and value our professional relationship. It is due to these characteristics that we are honored to work with them.

Lafarge Fraser Valley Ready Mix

Mark-Andre Grenier – Area Manager, Lafarge Fraser Valley Ready Mix

[They] have a strong relationship with Lafarge, and are credible builders in the Fraser Valley. We support any upcoming projects involving the group, and have full confidence in the group’s ability to deliver results.

Cornerstone Geo-Structural Engineering

Jorga Silva, P.Eng. – Principal, Cornerstone Geo-Structural Engineering Ltd.

I have constantly been impressed with the quality of their workmanship, their attention to detail, and how organized [they] are…Their willingness to work with our team cannot be overstated and has been a pleasure in our working relationship…I highly recommend them and their team for any work that you may have.

Pacific Community Resources Society

Dr. Steven Esau, DBH, RCC – Pacific Community Resources Society

With a vision to see everyone thriving in strong, healthy communities, we make sure to partner with others that align with our values, of which [they] most professionally accomplished…[Their] professionalism, integrity, and value of relationships was evident from the beginning of the project, through to its completion. Their attention to detail with the building process as well as communication with our agency made the build a complete success.

van den Brink Huebert

Ivan van den Brink, P.Eng., Struct. Eng. – van den Brink Huebert Engineering Ltd.

They have demonstrated capability, professionalism, organization, and thoroughness throughout the design and construction stages…We have full confidence in them and look forward to many more years of working alongside them.